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Zachary A. Emmanouil

Zachary is a business lawyer with over 24 years of experience.  Zachary has 4 degrees, including an LL.M. in International Law, with concentration in International Business Transactions and International Litigation & Arbitration. 

There are many attributes that separates Zachary from other business attorneys. One attribute is that Zachary practices both Complex Business Litigation and Transactional Corporate & Business Law, which is a notable benefit to clients because experience in one of these practice areas provides a valuable benefit to the other.

Notably, as a Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney, Zachary represented a corporate plaintiff in a $25 million Civil RICO case against a Fortune 250 Company on a contingency fee basis, and secured a favorable confidential settlement for his client.  
On the transactional side as a Business Attorney, the largest transaction that Zachary handled exceeded $1.2 Billion. Understandably, if Zachary can handle a Billion-dollar matter, then he can surely handle smaller sized matters. In fact, Zachary also represents the purchase and sale of small “Mom & Pop” businesses that are sold for under $500,000.

Zachary now focuses his practice exclusively on the transactional side of business and corporate law.

Another attribute that separates Zachary from other Business Attorneys is that Zachary has both legal and executive business experience.  Many attorneys, while knowledgeable in the legal field, understandably lack executive business experience – attorneys may know the law, but many attorneys have never actually run a business. Consequently, corporate officers and directors may often be presented with a dilemma – whether to accept an attorney’s ultra conservative legal advice, or simply proceed with established (albeit risky) executive business practices.  Under such circumstances, it is important for an attorney to possess and combine both legal and executive business experience to obtain a balance, and thus propose reasonable real-world business solutions that provide a calculated level of legal protection.  Zachary is a seasoned Business Attorney, former President and In-house General Counsel of a U.S.- based company with international operations.  Moreover, Zachary is also an "Outside" General Counsel and has consulted CEOs and Boards of various companies on several matters, from both a legal and business perspective as a Business Consultant.

The following is a brief list of the services that Zachary provides:

  1. Customized Contracts. Zachary does not provide “cookie cutter” business forms and documents. Instead, Zachary creates contracts and agreements that are customized to each client’s specific business needs.
  2. Legal and Business Negotiation. Not only does Zachary draft contracts and agreements, but he also incorporates his executive business experience to negotiate the contracts on behalf of his clients.
  3. Entity Formation. Zachary forms legal entities (such as LLCs and Corporations), and drafts related entity documents (such as Shareholder Agreements and Operating Agreements).
  4. Corporate Maintenance. Zachary corporately maintains client’s businesses via attending corporate meetings and drafting corporate minutes, resolutions, and other corporate documents.
  5. Purchase and Sale of Businesses. Zachary represents both buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of their companies and businesses.
  6. Concierge Service. Zachary provides Concierge legal services at no additional cost.
  7. 75-Point Business Inspection. Zachary offers something that no other business lawyers provides – a “75-point Business Inspection” where he inspects each client’s business from both legal and business perspectives, and offers specific solutions for each specific business.
  8. General Counsel. All business would love to have an “in-house” General Counsel, but very few can actually afford to have such an in-house attorney. The solution – Zachary serves as an “outside” General Counsel at a fraction of the cost based on each client’s needs and budget.

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