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Raquel A. Gomes

Raquel Gomes is passionate about helping business owners, and especially women entrepreneurs, understand that they can, in fact, have it all – the successful business, the cherished moments with loved ones, and the time necessary for self-love and wellness.

But she knows to have it all, you can’t do it all.

That’s why she founded Stafi – a company that finds and places highly-qualified, highly-educated offshore staff that can do all of the tasks that keep business owners from their most valuable work: serving their clients and growing their companies.

Originally from the south of Brazil, Raquel is a licensed psychologist with an MBA in International Business. She has been both a sales Rockstar and a leader of Rockstar Sales Teams. But just as important as being a successful businesswoman, she is also a loving wife and mother.

Raquel has an incredibly active imagination, probably because – fun fact – due to her religious upbringing, she didn’t have a television in her house until she was 16. And that was before the internet!
But that imagination also allows her to fulfill her true passion – empowering women to envision and achieve success both in their professional and personal lives.

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Ms. Esquire has been a great group, and special due to being mostly ladies, which brings a different vibe. Some of the activities we do during our monthly meetings bring the members closer to one another which is great. Also, all members are phenomenal and intelligent business owners, people you want to relate to and be around.

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Raquel Gomes

Ms. Esquire has helped my business significantly and has helped me personally as well. In addition to the numerous referrals that are passed back and forth, the connections I have made through Ms. Esquire have developed into long-lasting friendships as well as successful business relationships. Many of my closest friends are also my colleagues who are part of Ms. Esquire. Ms. Esquire has also provided me with valuable information such as scheduling and marketing tips, an opportunity to get headshots, and detailed instructions on creating a virtual business card.

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Jacqueline Revis
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