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Gemma Angulo

Gemma Angulo is the Founder and President of HR Professional Associates. With over 18 years of professional experience in a full spectrum of HR responsibilities in both the private and public sector; her vision for HRPA is to provide quality support to all businesses from multiple angles of HR Strategic Partnerships, Staffing and Virtual Support.

Gemma is passionate about building strategies and initiatives focused on facilitating and enforcing protocol and employee management. Her professional experience includes executive level management, strategic program management, training/employee development, resource and budget forecasting, organizational development, and employee relations.

Gemma has served as a strategic partner in the organization’s management, providing extensive experience in talent development, employee engagement, organizational development initiatives, payroll administration, benefits administration and strategic development and implementation of company culture for industries such as aviation, City Administration, manufacturing and federal and local government staffing.

Gemma has also partnered with a growing law firm to provide complete Human Resources Management. One of Gemma’s strengths is her ability to attract, retain and develop top talent. From talent acquisition to retention, she has a proven track record of developing effective strategies to build and manage high-performing teams. With her experience in organizational development, Gemma has helped organizations navigate change and grow in a sustainable way.

Throughout her career, Gemma has demonstrated a passion for helping organizations succeed by putting people first. She understands that employees are a company’s greatest asset and that investing in their development and well-being is key to achieving business success. Her friendly and approachable nature makes her a valued member of any team and a trusted advisor to executives.

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Ms. Esquire has been a great group, and special due to being mostly ladies, which brings a different vibe. Some of the activities we do during our monthly meetings bring the members closer to one another which is great. Also, all members are phenomenal and intelligent business owners, people you want to relate to and be around.

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Raquel Gomes

Ms. Esquire has helped my business significantly and has helped me personally as well. In addition to the numerous referrals that are passed back and forth, the connections I have made through Ms. Esquire have developed into long-lasting friendships as well as successful business relationships. Many of my closest friends are also my colleagues who are part of Ms. Esquire. Ms. Esquire has also provided me with valuable information such as scheduling and marketing tips, an opportunity to get headshots, and detailed instructions on creating a virtual business card.

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Jacqueline Revis
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