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Meetings will be held During Lunch time once a month (Lunch time 12:30 pm)

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How many referrals/potential clients if any have you Sent to women in Ms. Esquire (If relevant)?

Six-month commitment with application fee included is $600.00

A separate lunch fee will be charged monthly- Fee is depending on which restaurant and group you are a part typically $35.00 per lunch.

– All Ms. Esquire Network members are screened and vetted. Employer and or Company can submit dues on behalf of individual, however membership is linked strictly to individual.

*Disclaimer- this application does not guarantee a spot in Networking Lunch group. We will be conducting interviews after receiving applications on a first come basis. Once membership Dues are paid slot will be committed. If practice area is committed, we will add you to our waiting list for additional chapter that will be opening soon.

Submitting and/or paying for your membership does not imply acceptance to Ms. Esquire Network. All applicants must be reviewed and approved by the chapter membership committee in order to be a Ms. Esquire Network Member.

A check can also be made out to Ms. Esquire and can be mailed upon request but must received one week prior to your lunch

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